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Three Tips For Controlling Fire Ant Populations

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Fire ants can be a painful nuisance for your home. In addition to building unsightly colonies, they can also cause damage to your landscaping, and in some cases they may even kill some of your plants. While spraying pesticides may be the most effective way of combating these pests, there are a couple of less environmentally damaging methods for controlling their populations. 

Pour Boiling Water On The Mound

A completely organic way of controlling ant populations is by pouring several gallons of boiling water on the ant hill. The water will seep deep into the mound, and it will kill any ants that it comes in contact with. If you are going to attempt this type of extermination, you will need pour enough water to ensure that you kill the ant colony's queen. Without the queen, the colony will be unable to replenish its population, and it will die out. 

Place Bait Around The Entrance Of The Mound

Spraying harsh pesticides around the colony can kill much of the grass around the colony, and this can create an eyesore in your yard. Fortunately, using bait is a way to exterminate the population of the colony without damaging your lawn. When using bait, the scouts of the colony will bring the poison into the mound, and this will kill of the entire population of the colony. 

Spread Black Pepper Around The Mound

Black pepper is a nonlethal irritant to fire ants, and it can help encourage the colony to seek a new location. However, if you are planning on using this approach, you will need to spread the black pepper all around your yard and outside your home. This will help ensure that the colony does not simply relocate to another area of your yard. 

While black pepper is one of the least effective ways of controlling ant populations, it can be effective if you apply it in relatively large quantities. If the ants are still present after the first application of the pepper, you should increase the amount of pepper for the next application. 

Controlling the population of fire ants can be a difficult and complex task, but it can be an essential task to keep your yard safe from the damages these pests can cause. By following these three tips, you can help prevent these pests from ruining your yard. Yet, if these strategies are ineffective, the only solution will be to contact an experienced professional like Source Pest Control to exterminate the pests.