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Make Sure You Fix Your Leaking AC Unit

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If your air conditioning unit has a freon leak, it is not recommended that you wait to have it repaired. You might want to recharge the system, but if the underlying leak is not repaired, the system will simply leak and empty out again. Adding more refrigerant can serve as an emergency measure, but you should either contact a repair technician or take the steps to diagnose and repair the leak yourself.

Why Worry About Leaks?

The freon leak will reduce the efficiency of the air conditioning unit. This can also cause the compressor to overheat. At the very least, you will have to pay more money for the electricity used to power your air conditioning unit. At the most, you will need to replace your compressor. Also, refrigerant leaks allow for compressor oils to leak out of the system as well.

Locating the Refrigerant Leak

One approach to finding the leak is to recharge the air conditioner with a refrigerant that contains dyes. Then, after the refrigerant has circulated for awhile, the dyes will reveal where the refrigerant is leaking from.

Repairing Valves and Access Reports

The leak sometimes occurs near the valve or access port. If this is the case, the valve will likely need to be replaced by soldering a new valve onto the AC.

Soldering Copper Tubing

When the leak occurs in the copper tubing, the repair is much easier to make because the damaged line can be resoldered with a high temperature torch and the right soldering material. If the damage is significant, the damaged portion of the copper tubing might need to be replaced.

Replacing Leaking Compressors

Leaking compressors often need to be replaced. In some cases, a failed compressor is a sign that the AC unit needs to be replaced altogether. The compressor will need to be removed and fully cleaned before the leaks can be repaired. Then, the entire compressor should be sprayed with leak sealant. After the leak sealant has been allowed to dry, the compressor should be tested again to determine if it is still leaking. If so, it needs to be replaced.

Fixing Condensing Coils

Condensing coils can sometimes be repaired. However, if they have badly crushed fins, it is usually better to replace them altogether. The condenser coil is the most expensive part to replace in an AC unit, so if you need to replace yours, it would make sense to replace the entire unit. Contact a company like Perry Heating Cooling for more information.