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How To Outsmart The Cold Weather

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No matter how frightful the weather gets outside, a properly maintained furnace or heating system will keep you feeling toasty this season during the frigid temperatures. The winter is especially hard on your heating system. No matter what you do, at some point a heating malfunction could always occur. However, these few tips will help you outsmart the cold weather this winter and get the best use out of your furnace in the meantime.

1. Keep Your Furnace Clean

Most people skip out on cleaning their furnace, thinking it maintains itself. However, a furnace should be opened and cleaned overall. Clean the blower and motor at least once every six months. It will increase the life of your furnace. This do it yourself guide will walk you through a simple furnace cleaning step-by-step.

2. Check and Change Your Filter Regularly

Having a dirty filter is one of the number one reasons a bill is high in many cases. Having a clean filter allows your furnace to operate at maximum capacity. This is because nothing is blocking air flow into your house.

A dirty filter not only blocks airflow, but it prevents a heater or furnace from operating at the proper pressures. This places too much resistance against a motor and fan system that is not built to withstand such fluctuation.

Some systems are designed to allow your filter to be cleaned with soap and water. Others may require you to replace the filter. Be sure to follow the instructions provided on your furnace to improve the quality of your air. It can also extend the life of your furnace.

3. Instead of Cranking It Up, Slowly Increase the Heat

Do not just crank the heat up when it gets cold outside. Like a professional athlete, your heating system needs time to get prepared to deal with the strain of keeping the house warm when the temperature outside drops.

Before you increase the heat and run your system non-stop, take the time before the weather gets bad to see if there are any signs that your furnace needs maintenance. Contacting a furnace service professional seasonally is your best step. Do this before you notice a weird noise or a funny smell.

By following these three tips, you will ensure that your house always has the perfect quality of air and quantity of heat. As the weather continues to get colder, you will be glad you did.