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Should I Buy Supplies For My Electrical Contractor?

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Before an electrical contractor installs wiring in your home, you might consider purchasing the necessary electrical supplies. However, you will want to contact your electrical contractor before you do so because some contractors will refuse to work with supplies you have provided them. There are plenty of good reasons for this.

The Contractor Knows What Supplies Are Needed

The amount of supplies that the electrical contractor might need to get the job done can be difficult to predict. The contractor might need to redo one aspect of the job, which would require more supplies. Also, supplies can be defective or can become damaged through the process of carrying out the work order. It is much easier for the electrician to simply purchase more supplies to replace the defective ones.

Purchasing Electrical Supplies Is Part Of The Business Model

Another reason why electrical contractors do not want to use supplies purchased by the consumer is that the purchasing of electrical supplies is part of the electrical contractor's business model. Most contractors will earn a profit from the purchasing of electrical supplies. Contractors have special arrangements with suppliers that allow for them to purchase supplies at a discount by buying in bulk.

You Are Hiring An Expert

Purchasing supplies for the electrical contractor will seem odd because you are buying the contractor's experience. This includes the contractor's expertise in knowing what will be needed for the job. If you make a mistake and the supplies need to be replaced, this will only cost you more in the long-run. If you do have the experience to purchase the right materials, you would likely be installing the electrical wiring yourself.

Still, it is possible for you to negotiate for a labor-only contract that will allow for you to purchase the supplies. This will still make the job more expensive, especially if you purchase supplies unnecessarily or if the contractor needs to purchase more supplies. To keep your costs under control, negotiate for a single price for the electrical work and allow the contractor to work out all the details.

You Should Get A Refund For Electrical Supplies

If you have already purchased supplies, contact the supplier immediately to find out if you can get a refund. You will not save money if you purchase your own supplies because the supplies are already marked up. If you have purchased them from retail, the retailer will have already taken a cut. Also, if the materials are installed in your home, they do not work and the contractor has to replace old wiring with new wiring, you will have to pay for the additional work.