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Five Ways To Beat The High Cost Of Heating Your Home This Winter

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There are some practical ways to reduce the cost of heating your home during chilly months, and tactics to optimize your use of heating oil. With some diligence and attention, you can lower your monthly usage of energy while still staying warm and comfortable. Consider the following suggestions when looking at conserving heat this winter:

Take a closer look at auto-delivery plans.

Many heating oil companies and delivery businesses will provide automatic delivery of oil on a predetermined schedule, which ensures that you never run out during the cooler times of the year. These typically review past year's oil consumption, and average utility over the twelve months of the year to find a comparable monthly rate that consumers can live with.

Tighten up your home with insulation.

The truth is, many homeowners are losing heat and wasting money every month through poorly insulated windows and doors. Wrap exposed pipes with blankets or towels to ensure they don't freeze when the temperatures dip. Use caulking to fill in cracks or gaps around your home that could be allowing heat to escape.

Ask for an energy audit.

Many heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) professionals will come to the home and perform an energy audit upon request. This process involves a handheld device that determines how much energy the various appliances and devices in the home use. This may help determine if a space heater or other back-up source are worth augmenting the home's heating with.

Close off unused rooms in the home.

If you can live without the added space, close off bedrooms or other spaces in the home during the winter months to save on heating costs. As long as there are no plumbing lines present, you can use blankets or tarps to contain the rooms from the rest of the home. This could result in lower heat costs in the other rooms of the home by adding an insulative barrier against the cold weather outside.

Circulate the warm air with fans.

Many consumers mistakenly turn off their fans and reduce circulation during the winter months. Since heat has a tendency to rise, you need to augment the fan so that instead of sucking out the air in the room, it pushes the air back down into the space. There are ways to reverse the motion of ceiling fans, so that they circulate in a counter-clockwise motion, and push heat back down into the room, where it will keep your family warm.

Talk with area oil vendors and HVAC professionals to determine where your home is losing energy and what the best approach for an affordable auto-delivery plan is. These businesses are in the best position to guide and direct consumers that are seeking pragmatic ways to lower their energy costs. With some diligence, you could significantly lower what you pay in heating expenses while remaining warm and comfy during the chilliest times of the year.