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Three Costly Sewer Problems That Can Be Fixed With Trenchless Technology

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There are many sewer line problems that may cause you to have to have them replaced. This can be a costly job when you have to have excavation done to replace the lines. There are trenchless technologies that can be used to completely replace your sewer lines, and help to reduce the costs of these repairs. If you are having problems with your sewer lines, here are three problems that are likely to need the entire line replaced:

1. Old Clay Pipes That Have Cracked Or Collapsed

Many older homes have old clay pipes installed for their sewer lines. These sewer pipes were installed in homes through the 1960's, and can eventually crack or collapse due to age and deterioration. If you are having a sewer problem and have clay lines, it is a good idea to have these lines replaced. It is also a good idea to do this if you are doing renovations to a home and have to connect new plumbing to the lines. This can save you a lot of problems and money when these lines eventually fail and need to be repaired.

2. Roots Growing In The Sewer Line

Roots are one of the most common types of sewer line problems, which can cause your plumbing to back up. Sewer lines in homes can provide plants with many nutrients and cause a root ball to form quickly in the lines; over time, this problem can get worse. If you have roots in your sewer line, it will need to be replaced. When replacing the line, you will want to have it in an area where there are not trees or plants with deep roots. Try to avoid planting any plants too close to the lines to prevent this problem from happening again. You may want to mark the lines with a gravel landscaping path, which will tell you where the line is, so you will be able to avoid planting things too close to it in the future.

3. Sewer Line Backed Up Or Clogged With Buildup

Sewer lines can also become backed up due to use, which sometimes can be fixed by sewer jetting; a process where powerful jets of water are used to unclog the lines. If sewer jetting does not work, the line may need to be replaced for a new one. This can be a costly process, but with new trenchless technology, you will be able to save money on the cost of sewer line replacement. In addition, as long as there are no problems like trees, the line can be installed in the same place it was before.

These are some problems that may require you to have your entire sewer line replaced. The sewer line replacement cost may be too much if you have to have excavation done, but there are options like trenchless pipe replacement, which may save you some money. You can contact a sewer repair service like Drain-O-Rooter and ask them about using this technology for your line replacement.