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Here's Why A Roof Coating May Be A Good Choice For Your Old Roof

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If it's time to replace your roof, you might be able to extend its life instead by applying a coating. Roof coatings work on all types of roofs, and they cost much less than a roof replacement. Here are some reasons coating your roof might be a good option for you.

Stop Leaks

If your roof has leaky spots, then a roof coating is the ideal solution. Once the coating is dry, it forms a seamless waterproof surface over your roof. This makes coating ideal to use on flat roofs that are prone to water puddling after it rains. It's important to make sure your roof is completely dry before you apply the coating. For instance, if you have a shingle roof and the deck under the shingles is wet, you'll need to let it dry out before you apply the coating or you will seal in moisture that could lead to rot and mold growth.

Save On Energy Costs

If you choose a reflective coating, you can save on energy costs. That's because the coating reflects the sun, so less heat is absorbed into your attic. To get the best results, you should choose a white color because it can reflect as much as 90 percent of the sun's rays. However, coating is available in a few different colors, so you can choose one that matches your home's color scheme. The trade off in choosing a darker color is reduced reflectivity and less energy savings.

Save Money

Depending on the type of coating you choose, you can extend the life of your roof for a few years. That will give you time to save money to buy a new roof. If you are good with home improvement tasks, you may be able to install the coating yourself and save even more money. Some coatings spray on, while others are applied with a brush or roller. Applying the coating is the easy part. Prepping your roof is the labor intensive part, because it has to be clean and dry before you can apply a new coating.

Improves Appearance

Coating improves the appearance of your roof. If your old roof is worn and dingy, applying a coating material will make it look like new. This will improve the curb appeal of your home and brighten the appearance of your property, especially if you choose a white reflective color. However, there's a lot more to coating your roof than appearance alone. By stopping leaks, the coating protects your attic and home from water damage and mold growth due to leaks.

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