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3 Unusual Advantages Of Green Roofs

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Green roofs, or roofs that support foliage such as grasses, shrubberies, and trees, are becoming increasingly popular ways to make it easier for a company to meet required environmental targets set by the government. Aside from making it easier for companies to earn energy credits and reduce its impact on the environment, there are three other advantages that having a green roof provides.

1. Green Roofs Improve the Air Quality of the Communities Around Them

Clean air is hard to come by, especially in cities. One way that a company can help increase the quality of the air is by planting a green roof. A green roof is able to take in more carbon dioxide than any other type of roof due to the plants on top of it. Once the plants take in the carbon dioxide, they are able to release oxygen back into the air. They also reduce the overall heat island effect, which is when large groups of people and industries all cluster together, the air becomes warmer than it would be if they were spread apart, creating a small island of unnaturally warm air. Green roofs are able to combat this by, again, taking in carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen.

2. Can Be Used to Increase Biodiversity

Biodiversity, or the maintenance of different types of living things on the planet so that none disappear permanently, can be a challenge. If done correctly, green roofs can be used to create homes for creatures that need highly specialized living environments and may have their normal habitats under attack. One example is a rare species of spider or beetle can be accommodated on top of a green roof if the substrates that are found in its normal habitat, as well as the foliage, is included on the roof. A species can survive in an area that replicates its environment, even if it is on top of a roof.

3. Increase Roof Insulation

By installing a green roof, companies can be sure that they will save on energy costs because the green roof has greater isolation than a traditional roof. This means that the energy that is used to heat a building will not go to waste because it escapes through the roof. 

For more information, contact a roofing contractor, like Lucas Roofing & Sheet Metal, that specializes in green roofs. He or she will be able to work to decide if a green roof is right for your company.