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Avoid These 6 Metal Fabrication Mistakes

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If you notice that your metal fabrication costs are higher than expected, you should consider whether you are making common mistakes that are driving your costs up. Many measures that seem like time-savers and cost-savers will actually cost you money in the long term.

1. Don't Always Use the Smallest Alloy

You should not necessarily use the strongest alloy when choosing a metal to fabricate a product with. There are many cases when the flexibility of the structure is much more important than its strength. Also, you may not be able to use some of the strongest alloys simply because they cannot be welded.

2. Don't Buy the Cheapest Filler Material and Store It Properly

Another common mistake during metal fabrication is not properly storing the filler metals. Filler metals are prone to the same corrosion that other types of metals can suffer from, so they should not be stored in a location that is prone to moisture. Also, make sure not to purchase filler metals based only on how much they cost. Bad fillers can lead to downtime that is the result of problems such as excessive splatter and weld defects. You will need to consider the total cost of the filling materials rather than simply the cost of the metals themselves.

3. Stop Using Non-Standardized Hand Tools

Make sure that the hand tools used when working on metal fabrication are standardized. One of the common mistakes is that the hand tools vary and the workers become accustomed to using one hand tool, allowing them to work more efficiently. But if not all the hand tools are the same, the workers will need to adjust to the new tool.

4. Don't Use Old Equipment

Some companies will seek to save money by reusing the same equipment even when newer equipment becomes available. However, the newest welding equipment is usually the safest and the most energy-efficient. Old equipment will break down more often, which will lead to more downtime and will reduce the overall profitability of the company.

5. Stop Putting Off Preventative Maintenance

Even when using equipment that isn't old, you will need to remember to perform regular maintenance and to inspect the equipment to make sure that it is functioning properly. This includes making sure that the power source for the welding equipment is connected properly. You will need to have a regular maintenance program in place, based on the needs of the equipment specified by the manufacturer, to avoid downtime and to prolong the life of the equipment.

6. Don't Rush

Make sure that you do not rush through the metal fabrication process, especially when you are using metal with concrete. A common mistake is to not wait long enough for the concrete to harden, which can lead to the concrete needing to be reworked. Quality metal fabrication takes time. Contact Apex Manufacturing Inc for more information.