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How To Decorate An Elegant Master Bathroom

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Are you building a new home or redecorating your present master bathroom? Either way, here are some ideas that might inspire you to create something elegant and unique.

The Walls - If you want something serene, consider pale shades of your favorite color. Blue, green, turquoise, yellow, mocha or off-white would all be great choices because they will go with any other decor you select. If you want something dramatic, consider jewel tones for your wall paint. Another idea is to use two colors for an extra dramatic touch. For something very unique, consider hiring a professional to faux paint the bathroom walls. The artist can make the walls look like marble, tile, or almost anything else you want depicted.

The Lighting - Consider selecting a crystal chandelier for the utmost in elegance. Add crystal sconces on at least one wall. And choose an electronic device that will allow you to make the room bright and cheerful, or low and romantic. 

The Cabinets - When you select your cabinets, any color that complements your wall treatment will work. What will give your cabinets a special look is the hardware you select. Consider crystal or glass knobs and drawer pulls that will go well with your light fixtures. Also, consider getting cabinets that feature pull-out drawers. That will be especially nice for storing things like electric curlers and hair dryers.

The Countertops - When you select your countertops remember that, besides wanting something beautiful, you'll want to select a surface that will stand up to water, soap, lotions and other cosmetics. You also want countertops that won't stain easily. Granite countertops are a great choice as they come in many different colors. 

The Enclosures - A gorgeous addition to your elegant bathroom would be to select a large, elegant bathtub. Place a small occasional chair and table next to it for added beauty. Select a frameless glass door for your shower. Frameless glass shower doors are affordable and will last for a very long time. In addition, they're easy to care for. Simply use a squeegie to get the water drops off the doors after you shower, or clean them with a product made especially for glass.

  • If you have plenty of space, consider a pivot, or swinging, door. This type of door gives a very open feeling.
  • If you are trying to conserve space, think about selecting sliding glass doors for your shower.
  • A bonus would be to select steam doors. They provide an extra tight seal that holds in steam and that will provide a spa-like feeling.

Enjoy decorating your elegant bathroom.