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Improve Drainage On Your Property By Installing A Simple French Drain System

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If water is pooling alongside your house each time it rains, install a simple french drain system to alleviate the problem. As a result, water will be dispersed to another part of your yard and you won't encounter muddy conditions when inclement weather is present.

Use The Following Items

  • garden stakes
  • measuring tape
  • large shovel
  • tamping tool
  • gravel
  • perforated drain pipe
  • scissors
  • landscape fabric
  • rake
  • grass seed
  • water hose

Mark, Measure, And Dig

Use garden stakes to mark the area that floods right after it rains. Check with your local utility providers before you dig a trench for the french drain system. This is a vital step that will ensure that you do not dig near underground pipes or wires.

After you receive permission to complete the project, use a shovel to create a trench that is several inches deep and as long as the area that is prone to flooding. Make sure that it is wide enough to support a perforated pipe. The trench needs to slightly decline as it extends further away from your house. This will help transport the water away from it. Flatten the base of the trench with a tamping tool. Push the flat part of the tool down firmly as you move it along the bottom of the trench.

Add Gravel, The Pipe, And Landscape Fabric

Place a thin layer of gravel in the base of the trench. The gravel will hold the pipe in place and will assist with drainage. Lay the pipe on top of the gravel and press it down firmly. Make sure that the perforated side of the pipe is facing upwards. Cut a piece of landscape fabric that is slightly longer and wider than the pipe. Lay it out flat, on top of the pipe. The landscape fabric will prevent dirt, weeds, and grass from clogging the pipe.

Fill In The Trench And Plant Grass Seed

Fill in the trench with soil and press the surface down firmly with the tamping tool until the ground is level with the rest of your property. Sprinkle grass seed over the dirt. Water it well with a garden hose. Continue to water this area a couple times each day for a few weeks. Soon, the new grass will blend in with the rest of your yard and it will no longer be apparent that you dug a trench in this section. The new french drain system will help keep your yard dry and you won't have to worry about puddles forming near your home when it rains.