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Options For Mold Testing And Remediation For Your Home

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One of the most serious concerns for homeowners is finding the presence of mold in the house. Unfortunately, mold growth isn't always as easy to find as you might think, so you might need to work with a professional mold remediation team for both testing and removal. Since mold spores can disperse easily through the air, it's important that you have the whole house tested for the presence of mold. Here are a few of the ways that you can test for mold presence.

Testing the Air

Most mold remediation services will use a spore trap to test for the presence of mold in the air of your home. The traps sample the air in the room and then test those samples for the existence of mold spores. The great thing about spore traps is that they can not only confirm the presence of mold, but also identify the type of spore and its concentration in the air.

Testing the Surfaces

In addition to taking air quality samples, most remediation services will also test various surfaces in the house for mold. Not only does this surface testing identify mold spores that were already growing on the surfaces, but the tests will also find spores that are settling on surfaces from the air. Surface samples are taken using a type of sticky tape that's applied to the surface and lifted to remove anything that's on the surface.

Testing With Visible Mold

You may figure that you don't need any sampling or testing done if you can visibly see mold in spaces of your home. That isn't necessarily true. Testing can still be beneficial even if you already know that mold exists. For example, mold testing may help you to identify whether or not that visible mold is concentrated solely to the area that you can see or if it's spreading through the entire building. If it's centrally located and testing shows no other distribution, it simplifies the mold remediation work that's required.

Additionally, the testing can help you to identify the actual type of mold in question. Since some varieties of mold are more dangerous than others, it's in your best interest to identify it before you try to do anything with it.

As you can see, mold testing and remediation are important considerations for homeowners. Whether you're just moving into a new home or you have any other reason to suspect that there's mold in your house, these testing techniques may help you identify the presence and type of mold you're dealing with.