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3 Ways To Help Waterproof Your Basement

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The basement is the number one place in your home that is extremely susceptible to water problems. This is because the basement sits below the ground level, which is where water tends to gravitate towards in the case of flooding and leaks. On top of this, the basement doesn't get much ventilation, which causes condensation and moisture to build more quickly. Here are three ways to help waterproof your basement:

Waterproofing Paint: 

There are many waterproofing paints that you can purchase at your local hardware store, which can be applied to the walls, ceiling, and even the floors if you have cement flooring in the basement. Just keep in mind that waterproofing paints will not prevent major water issues in the basement, but will only prevent problems with smaller leaks and condensation. This is a really low cost option and is ideal to use while applying one or both of the following waterproofing solutions.

Exterior Solutions:

Exterior solutions would include digging a trench around the foundation of your home and installing a drainage system that will keep water away from the home. This is an ideal solution if you live in a high-risk flood area. However, this can be quite expensive, but well worth it in high-risk flood areas because of the extreme water damage that you will save yourself from. In fact, in the case of a flood from heavy rains or other issues from outside of the home, you can expect to see absolutely no water inside of your basement afterwards. 

Interior Solutions:

An interior solution for basement waterproofing along with the waterproofing paint is the most ideal solution for those who do not live in high risk flood areas, but still want to be safe just in case. The interior solution is much cheaper than the exterior solution, but is still effective. This would include digging a trench around the interior of the basement wall and installing a drain that would feed to a sump pump. This is going to allow water to pump outside of the basement should it even flood in the space. In the case of flooding, this is going to help prevent extreme water damage and make clean up after a flood much easier. 

Knowing the three solutions for waterproofing your basement will ensure that you know which choice is right for you depending on the area in which you live, as well as the budget you have to work with.