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4 Things To Do Before Making The Switch To A Keyless Entry System At Your Business

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To increase security at your industrial business facility, you may be thinking about making the switch from keyed locks to a totally keyless entry system. In fact, many business are making the switch these days because a keyless lock system, when implemented correctly, can greatly beef up security and provide business owners with added peace of mind. Before you make the switch, however, there are some preparation steps you'll want to take to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible.

Give Employees Plenty of Notice

Start by making sure your employees have as much notice about the new system as possible. This will help to alleviate confusion or logistical problems once the change is implemented. Specifically, you'll want to not only send out a high priority e-mail or memo informing employees of the impending change, but you'll also want to schedule training sessions that will walk your employees through the basics of how to use the new keyless system--whether it be using ID badges or designated codes.

Speak With a Locksmith About the Logistics

You'll also need to work with a qualified and experienced locksmith at some point to determine the logistics of making the switch. For example, will you need to retrofit all of your facility's doors with new lock technology, or just certain ones? Will the installation of the system be done in phases or will it all be done at once? This can vary depending on your company's specific budget and the size of the industrial building with which you're working.

Plan Your Security Codes Carefully

One of the most painstaking and time consuming aspects of the switch will be determining different levels of access and who will have the codes associated with each. For example, you may have one small group of trusted employees who receives a code that works for all doors in the building, whereas another group may only have access to common areas. Each group should be met with and trained separately in this regard.

Schedule Installation Outside of Business Hours

Ensure as seamless of a transition as possible by scheduling your new keyless lock installation outside of your regular business hours, if at all possible. Typically, the easiest way to have this work with your company's schedule is to work directly with a 24-hour industrial locksmith. From there, you can have your new system up and running the very next business day.

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