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Properly Packaging Books For Shipment To Your New Home

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When someone does not have a lot of items to move, they often use a shipping service rather than hiring a moving truck to go a long distance. If you are moving across the country and you plan on shipping your items, you may wonder how to package books so they arrive intact. Here are some tips you can use to make sure your book collection arrives in the best of shape.

Determine Cost First

First, you want to determine how much it would cost for your books to be shipped. In some cases, it would be more cost-effective to purchase new copies of the books upon your arrival as the cost of shipping may be more than the value of the books. Go through your books and place them in cardboard boxes depending on their value. For example, place hardcovers in one box and paperbacks in another. Weigh the boxes with the paperback books and get quotations from your local post office as well as from three or four shipping companies in your area. If these quotations cost more than the value of the books, you may be better off selling or giving these away. The higher-end books can be packaged for shipping.

Prepare Each Book

When sending books, each one will need attention. For each book, cut a piece of sturdy cardboard in the exact measurements of the front and back cover. Wipe down the book with a piece of clean cloth to remove any dust. Slide the book in a large plastic storage bag or wrap it plastic wrap so it is protected from moisture. Afterwards, place the wrapped book between the two pieces of cardboard. These will keep the book from sustaining any bending while in transit. Do not use cardboard with ink printed upon it or it may transfer to the jacket. Wrap the cardboard enclosed book inside brown paper or newsprint and tape it to secure the book inside.

Prepare The Container

Use a sturdy corrugated box for shipping boxes. Purchase new boxes if possible as these will have no weakened areas in the structure. Tape the bottom securely with packing tape. Put a few inches of packing peanuts on the bottom of the box to act as a cushion.

For larger shipments, place the books in the box with the spine side up. It is important to place similar sized books next to each other so they can support each other in the box. Using different sizes can lead to bending of the larger books as they will not have enough stability holding them in place. Place packing peanuts in any voids in the box before taping.

If the shipment is rather small, you can stack the books on top of one another. When stacking, add some packing peanuts in between each book so they do not push against each other in the box. This will make them less likely to bend.

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