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5 Benefits Of Stud Welding

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Stud welding is a popular welding method due to the fact that the process is incredibly fast. This type of welding is used to connect a metal fastener to a larger piece of metal-- this technique is used often for a variety of different types of things, from cookware and automotive parts to aerospace and industrial products. Some of the main benefits of stud welding include: 


One of the biggest benefits of stud welding is the speed in which it can be done. After the fastener is placed on the piece of metal it is being attached to, the welding arc quickly melts the pieces together. Using the stud welding method allows welders to work quickly and have a greater output. 

Safer for the Welder

One of the dangers of welding is weld splatter, which causes the molten hot metal to fly through the air during the welding process. Weld splatter can be dangerous to any skin that is not properly covered, and can also damage anything that is in the vicinity of where the welding is being done. Luckily, stud welding has very little weld splatter because when a stud welder gun or machine is used there is a ceramic shield built in that covers the arc zone and prevents weld splatter from traveling through the air.

Painted or Pre-Coated Metal is Not a Problem

When undertaking a stud welding project, it does not matter if any of the materials has been pre-coated or painted in advance. This can make it easier to manage fabrication of the metal pieces, as you do not have to wait for the welding to be completed before an item can be painted or coated. 


Investing in stud welding machines or guns is a good idea because stud welding can be applied to many different applications. Once you have the tools and a team of welders who are skilled at stud welding you will have the ability to work on many different types of projects. A big plus of stud welding is the fact that a welder only has to be able to access one side of the metal in order to get the job done.


The stud welding technique is designed to make very strong connections that will last a long time. This is very beneficial because the joints are typically the weakest parts of anything welded, but the tools used in stud welding create joints that are seamless and secure. For further assistance, contact local professionals, such as those from Northland Fastening Systems.