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Four Plumbing Precautions Homeowners Should Take During The Fall Months

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As summer comes to an end, it's a good time for seasonal maintenance around your house. Plumbing issues can arise if you don't take the proper steps around your home when the weather starts to get colder. Here are four home plumbing actions to take in and around your home when fall hits.

1. Check Outdoor Faucets and Sprinklers

If your yard activity goes into overdrive in the summer, chances are you tend to use sprinklers and hoses throughout the summer for cooling off, watering, and cleaning. Make sure to check all faucets and sprinkler heads for leaks before the weather gets chilly. Catching and fixing leaks before the first freeze can keep pipes from bursting. This is also good way to maintain water efficiency through all seasons.

2. Double Check Insulation Around Exposed Pipes

If you have exposed pipes outside, in your garage, in the basement, or in other areas that are susceptible to cold weather, make sure pipes are well-insulated so they don't freeze. Even if you took care of this a year ago, it is important to ensure current insulation is holding up and will be effective through the winter. Styrofoam insulation kits are easy to install yourself.

3. Ensure Your Water Heater is Working Correctly

Making sure the water heater is ready for colder weather is a must. Flushing out sediment can make your water heater work like new and will decrease the chance of corrosion. Water heaters can be dangerous to fix on your own, so, if you aren't a pro, call in a plumbing professional to help with this general maintenance.

4. Schedule Yearly Plumbing Maintenance

A great time to get plumbing checked out is between summer and fall when your water usage drops because problems will be easier to detect. Rather than waiting until an issue comes up, having a plumber come and review your plumbing efficiency can save you money down the line. If your water usage has increased and you cannot detect why, this can be reason enough to call in a specialist to review your plumbing situation.

Taking stock of your home before the weather gets chilly is important, especially if you are in an area of the country that is prone to cold snaps early on in the fall. If you find bigger problems or have general concerns with your plumbing, be sure to check out and call in a plumber to ensure your plumbing is in working order after the summer season.