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Considering Enclosing Your Porch? What To Know

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Do you have a patio area or an overhang but you think you would use the area more frequently if it was enclosed? There are a variety of enclosure options you can look into for your property, and there are many benefits this provides for you and for the value of the property. The type of enclosure you want will be determined by where you live, on the climate, and by how much you want to spend for the project. Consider the following options for the property.

Glass Enclosure

You can have the area framed with windows. Having glass windows installed allows you to:

  • Heat the room with a space heater
  • Add a strong protective barrier around the porch
  • Allow you to block out noises
  • Add aesthetic appeal to the property

These are just a few of the advantages. The types of windows you choose and how you design the windows can be altered by the space that you have to work with and how much you want to spend on windows.

Screened In Porch

A thick outdoor screen can be attached if the porch is framed in. You will still feel like you are outside, but you will have a barrier against pests. This is ideal for people that worry about insects or snakes and rodents getting on the porch or the patio, but that don't want to miss out on the sounds of the outdoors. The screen also adds some shade to the space.

Folding Doors

With a track installed and the area framed in, folding doors can be added around the area to close it off. These doors will need locks if you worry about privacy in the enclosed area, but this is a great way to control how much sunlight can pass through and how exposed the area is.

If you think that your porch is currently too bare or exposed and you would like to have some type of covering to protect you from the sun, the weather, or the insects, then look at any of the enclosure options for your property. The contractors may suggest that you use one material to a certain height and that you then use windows or have the area screened. Get a few different estimates so you can evaluate the cost in relation to how much value the changes will add to the home, to make sure you'll see a return on the investment.