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Controlling Erosion During Road Construction

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Keeping roadways in good working condition requires significant time and effort. In order to make the repair necessary to keep roads passable, construction crews often need to tear up existing asphalt or concrete to expose the base materials below. These base materials can easily be eroded away when they are not protected by asphalt or concrete, so erosion control should be a top priority whenever you are working to make road improvements.

Here are three simple tips you can use to ensure erosion doesn't compromise the quality of your future road construction projects.

1. Stick to your project timeline.

It's important that you spend a significant amount of time during the planning phase of the project accounting for all possible contingencies. Once you begin construction on the road itself, minimizing the amount of time that the base materials are exposed to the elements can help you reduce the amount of erosion that occurs.

You should ensure that you have all the equipment and crew members required to complete your construction project on time in place and ready to work before making the first cut.

2. Install drainage facilities as quickly as possible.

Moisture that seeps its way into the base materials can wreak havoc not only on the materials themselves, but also on the asphalt or concrete that will eventually be laid over the base materials.

To prevent saturation of the base materials from compromising the quality of your work in the future, you should plan to install drainage facilities as quickly as possible once you have exposed the base materials to the elements. Drainage pipes and leach fields will help you control the flow of water, eliminating erosion and allowing your project to move forward without erosion-related problems.

3. Schedule major road construction project for the dry season.

It's important that you consult an almanac before you schedule any major road construction projects. Having the ability to determine when your area will experience an extended run of dry weather conditions will allow you to plan your project during these dry seasons.

Eliminating the potential for moisture introduced through rain or snow while you are working with a road's base materials exposed will help you prevent erosion from sidelining your project.

Completing a major road construction project requires incredible attention to detail. To avoid having your project's success marred by moisture-induced erosion, be sure that you are taking the steps necessary to control erosion during the construction period. For more information, contact a company like Lien Transportation Co.