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Creating A Guest Bathroom: Three Options To Consider

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If you have a lot of out-of-town visitors, you may want to consider remodeling one of the bathrooms in your home for use as a guest bath. With the help of your contractor, you can create a welcoming space for your guests to refresh themselves after their travels. Here are just some of the many ways you can remodel your bathroom to make it a cozy and relaxing space.

Separate The Tub And Shower

Separating the tub and shower helps to give the bathroom a luxurious look, and it gives your guests options for a quick shower or a relaxing bath without having to use a traditional shower/tub combo. If space is limited, you can add a corner shower stall to the room and place a corner tub in the opposite side of the room. Your contractor may need to run additional plumbing for this project, so be sure to discuss the logistics in advance. With a corner tub, consider having it placed on a raised platform with steps, which can create the illusion of a bigger, more grand bath area. You can also install custom shelves in both the shower and bath areas to hold toiletries for an extra finishing touch.

Ditch The Medicine Cabinet

While medicine cabinets have their purpose in your own personal bathroom, they aren't as necessary in a guest bath. Switch out the medicine cabinet for a large framed mirror above the vanity to create a luxury hotel look. The large mirror can also create the illusion of more space in the room. If possible, select a mirror that runs the length of the wall above the bath vanity, and have your contractor install a long vanity light above the mirror for added illumination.

Add A Vessel Sink

Vessel sinks sit above your vanity countertop, adding a modern look to the bathroom. Consider replacing your traditional sink with this design, and add a tall faucet to complement the sink. This project may also require adding a new counter to your vanity, so discuss the different colors and materials you like with your contractor so you can select the design that matches the sink and your bathroom's decor theme. Once the new sink area is complete, add a basket filled with lotions and soaps to welcome your guests. You can also roll washcloths and towels to create a spa-like look in the bathroom. Place them next to the sink for easy access, or place them on a shelf below the sink.

The key to creating a stunning guest bath is to combine beautiful design elements with touches that look and feel luxurious. Select one or all of these options to add to your guest bath remodeling project, and ask your contractor for additional ideas to make guests feel welcome when they visit your home.