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3 Tips For Adding A Garden Window To Your Kitchen

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A garden window can be a great feature to add to your kitchen. A garden window will provide you with more space and more light in your kitchen, and even open the space up. If you want to add a garden window to your kitchen, hire a contractor, make sure that you invest in high-quality material, and dress your window up once it is installed.

Hire A Qualified Contractor

It can be tempting to want to save money when adding a garden window to your home. However, don't skimp on the installation costs by trying to put the garden window in yourself.

Garden windows are generally a little more complex to install than a traditional casement window. A garden window is made of glass on all sides, which means you will be dealing with a very large glass structure, not a simple glass window. This requires a lot of care in order to ensure that you don't damage the window during the installation process.

When you install the window, you also need to make sure that the frame is just the right size. If the frame is too loose, you are going to have air gaps around your window. If the frame is too tight, you'll have problems opening and closing the windows.

The best way to add a garden window to your home is by hiring a qualified contractor to install your garden window.

Invest in the Best Materials

Second, make sure that you invest in the best materials when adding a garden window to your home. Do not skimp on the type of glass that you use in your garden window. Use nice, double-pane glass that will allow you to get the light you want in your kitchen without having to deal with the heat transfer that comes with single-pane windows.

Also, make sure that you choose strong material for the frame. Vinyl is a great material for the frame because it doesn't change shape in any way and it doesn't rot. A vinyl frame is a good, long-lasting choice.

Dress Up Your Window

Once you install your window, make sure that you dress it up and get some use out of it. You can add a simple window treatment to your garden window. This can help tie your window in with the rest of your kitchen and dining area, especially if you have curtains or window treatments on your other windows. You can pull back the curtains with little holders on the side of your windows, or just add a valance across the top of your garden window.

Make sure that you find some plants to put in your garden window! To start with, get a bouquet of flowers to put in your flower window to get started. Then, find some herbs that you would like to grow in your window. Herbs are a great plant to grow in your window because they look nice, smell good, and you can use them in your cooking. 

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