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Use A Floral Theme To Brighten Up Your Kitchen And Complement New Appliances

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If you recently purchased new kitchen appliances and the old wooden furnishings and cabinets in the room do not complement the new additions, update the wooden surfaces with floral decor and fabric. Add a few colorful pieces of artwork to the room to complete the kitchen remodeling project.

Purchase A Floral Tablecloth And Seat Covers

Take measurements of the tabletop and the seat cushions and backs. Bring these measurements along with you when you shop at a home improvement center or kitchen specialty store. Think about the type of flowers that are most appealing to you and look for a floral tablecloth and matching seat covers that have the same variety printed on them.

Make sure that the tablecloth and seat covers are machine washable so that you can conveniently keep the fabric maintained on a consistent basis. Choose seat covers that have elastic sewn around their edges or ties secured to them so that the fabric will remain in place while you and your family members are sitting in the chairs. 

Add Floral Designs To The Cabinets

Self-adhesive decals that have fabric surfaces or hand-painted designs can be added to the center of each cabinet door. After purchasing decals or stencils that represent the flower type that you have chosen, clean the front of each cabinet with a wood cleaning agent that has been sprayed onto a soft cloth or sponge.

If you choose to add stencils to the doors and would like to fill them in with paint, choose bright colors of paint that will match the colors that are on the tablecloth and seat covers. Apply a clear coat of glaze over the hand-painted designs when you have finished to preserve the brilliant shine of the painted flowers. 

Hang Prints And Add A Centerpiece And Sculpture

If you have a favorite artist who is well known for the floral paintings that they have created, you don't have to invest an arm and a leg to get your hands on one or more of the paintings. Instead, purchase prints of your favorite paintings and place the prints inside of picture frames before hanging the colorful artwork in the kitchen.

To finish off the remodeling project, add a bowl or vase that is filled with fresh-cut flowers to the center of the kitchen table. Purchase a flower-themed sculpture and place it on one of the kitchen counters or in the corner of the room.