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Solid Masonry And Brick Veneer? 3 Things To Consider

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Brick is one of the most durable and attractive building materials. Homeowners who want to incorporate brick into the interior or exterior of their residences have a few options available to them. Solid masonry and brick veneer are two of the most popular options on the market today. It can be a challenge to determine if you should invest in solid masonry or brick veneer, but there are some things you can take into consideration to help you make the right decision for your home.

1. Time

The amount of time that you are willing to invest in a remodel project can help dictate which type of brick is right for your home. A solid masonry wall or fireplace must be built entirely from scratch. It takes time to lay each brick, so you can expect the project to take a significant amount of time to complete.

Brick veneer is applied to the surface of an existing wall, which means the process of installing brick veneer is much faster than the solid masonry process. Work with your contractor to establish a realistic timeline for your remodel, then select the brick product that will help your project stay on track.

2. Cost

Cost is a major factor in any remodel. Some significant cost differences exist when comparing solid masonry and brick veneer. It takes a tremendous amount of skill and knowledge to construct a wall or fireplace from solid brick. Only a certified mason should be trusted with the task.

The cost of the actual materials for a solid masonry project are nominal, but you will pay quite a bit for the labor required. Brick veneer can be installed by a knowledgeable contractor. Some skill is needed to ensure that the brick veneer looks attractive, but a specialized mason is not needed. This helps to keep labor costs low.

3. Aesthetic

Another consideration that you should make when choosing between solid masonry and brick veneer for your remodel project is your desired aesthetic. If you really love the look of traditional brick, then the added cost of a solid masonry surface will be your best option.

Brick veneer mimics the appearance of brick, but you can tell the product isn't actual brick upon close inspection. An experienced installer can create a pretty close facsimile using brick veneer, so if you aren't concerned with authenticity you can rely on brick veneer to give you the look of a brick surface.

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