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Wall-Mounted Gas Heaters Not Working? Fix Or Replace Them

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Many homeowners operate gas furnaces to beat the cold. Some homeowners also use wall-mounted gas heaters to keep the smallest and coldest areas of their homes warm and comfy. But like furnaces, wall-mounted heaters can wear down over time and need repairs. If your wall-mounted heaters suddenly stop operating or putting out soothing warm air, don't discard them just yet. With the right information and help, you can determine whether or not to save or replace your wall-mounted gas heaters today.

Do Your Heaters Need Cleaning?

Wall-mounted heaters are some of today's most useful and advanced heating systems. However, gas wall-mounted heaters can experience some issues that make it almost impossible for the appliances to work correctly. 

If you use gas heaters, check the pilot lights to see if dust, spiderwebs, or corrosion compromised them. If the lights appear fine, try relighting your heaters. After you relight your heaters, wait to see if they return to full efficiency. If not, check the ventilation pipes near your heaters.

Dust, pests, and cobwebs can block the pipes over time. You want to clean out the pipes if you find clogs inside them. If you can't access, clean, or locate the ventilation lines to your heaters, stop and contact a professional contractor for further assistance.

Do Your Heaters Need Professional Servicing?

Even the most reliable heating appliances require professional maintenance over the years. A heating contractor can determine whether or not you need to repair your wall-mounted appliances or replace them.

Sometimes wall heaters malfunction if they're in the wrong areas of the home. Your heaters may be installed too close to your windows or other outlets that allow cold air into the house. If your heaters reside in the incorrect places, a contractor may reposition them for you.

However, if your heaters are installed properly, a contractor might check each appliance for internal and external issues, including:

  • torn, damaged, or ill-fitting gas lines
  • damaged or corroded ignition parts
  • improperly placed or installed ventilation lines and other connected structures

Consider replacing each appliance that has the issues above. This may also be a great time to upgrade or replace your main furnace with something more capable of heating your entire home. Your furnace's current size and capacity might not be large enough to accommodate your family's needs or home's overall heating requirements. 

You can learn more about troubleshooting, repairing, or replacing your wall-mounted gas heaters by speaking to a contractor today.

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