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Benefits and Easy Maintenance for Your New Quartz Countertop

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Countertops in your kitchen and bathrooms can receive a lot of wear and tear over the years. And if you have laminate countertops, you will find that they lose their appearance and don't hold up well with use, however, with natural stone quartz countertops, you can have a beautiful and durable countertop that is relatively easy to take care of. Here are some tips to get an attractive and low-maintenance countertop with a quartz surface that will look great in your home for decades.

Choose the Right Countertop Material

When you want to have a natural stone countertop but without some of the extra worry that comes with natural porous stone, you can opt for a material made of combined quartzite stone and resin. The resulting product is a shiny and beautiful stone counter that is attractive and natural-looking with the beautiful glow that comes with a polished-looking surface. 

However, because it is sealed together with resin during its creation, the material is not going to have pores that attract and hold in stains and moistures as natural quartzite stone or granite countertops will. Quartz can come in a variety of colors and patterns that mimic the look of marbled stone with the sparkling inclusions that come with a crystalline stone product.

Your new quartz countertop can be made to be intact as one entire continuous surface without any seams connecting it in place as granite and other natural stone countertops can. And because the resin is such a durable part of the counter's surface, you don't need to worry about it chipping, scratching, or etching from the various foods or materials you will use in your kitchen.

Maintenance Recommendations

Once you have your new quartz countertop installed in your home, taking care of it is going to be simple as quartz is one of the easiest stone products on the market. To clean the surface, you only need to use soap and water on a regular basis to remove stuck-on debris and spills. Your counter's surface is not going to absorb stains because it is not porous, but you can take some steps to keep it as shiny as possible to showcase its beauty. Combine a mixture of one part vinegar to three parts water into a spray bottle and use it to polish the surface periodically, as needed. 

However, keep in mind, you need to protect your quartz counter from heat, so use a hot pad or trivet to protect it from a hot pan or dish. Then, don't use a crockpot, deep fryer, or a pressure cooker directly on its surface to avoid heat damage.

If you are interested in quartz countertops, contact a contractor in your area.